Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Pow Wow, Heart and Connections...

The beautiful season of Spring is here! The flowers and trees are in full bloom. It's an incredible time of the year to see Nature stretch and embrace the sun. This past weekend was a lot about embracing and heart.

My friend Robin and I had the opportunity to vend at our first Pow Wow. The Honoring of the Elders Pow Wow was a two-day celebration that was filled with a calmness and a lot of heart. Everyone was smiling and we met so many wonderful people. There was a connection between all of us.

When we were setting up our booths, I found a heart-shaped rock. This symbol made me realize that our booths were in the same spot that a sweet, older gentleman had vended a couple years ago. We both bought from him and enjoyed his jokes and conversation. I felt he was watching over us.

We also got to barter, which is new to me. The connection I made with bartering a print and a Wolf pup painting will be the highlight of the weekend. It was for a father from his daughter and he was in tears when he saw what she gave him. I always knew that painting had a very, special home and now it does. There is something to be said when your art touches others so deep, it keeps you influenced and humble.

The weekend was also a chance to put in some camping time. We stayed three nights at the campground that included great food (Thanks to Robin's hubby), beer and wine. The small river running nearby was beautiful and so calming.

The gratitude I have is overwhelming for the gifts I received, the people I met and the feeling of connection to Mother Earth and those I share her with.

Take care! 

So many wonderful people selling beautiful, handmade items.

Storyteller and Author James B. Beard aka Noodin.
Robin in front of her booth.
My booth

The Wolf Pup birch painting to the left.

Monday, May 4, 2015

First Camping Weekend

It's official...Spring is here! My first weekend of camping was unbelievable. It was near the ocean and the weather was perfect. The smell of the salty air made me breathe deep and relax. There were times that I had 5 layers on because it was very chilly, but that was fine.
The weekend began with a Snowy Egret, young Bald Eagle and the marsh. I was able to try my new/used camera and I took almost 400 photos. There were birds everywhere during high tide or low. A snapping turtle also made a quick visit and I was lucky to get a photo.
We made a trip over to the Two Lights State park and I made sure I got to visit my rock. My favorite place to relax and be one with the ocean.

What more could a person want...the days filled with wildlife and the nights with great food, beer and wine. And a game of UNO! The moon was full this weekend too which made the nights glow.
It was one of those weekends that you wish you could freeze in time and stay there. I am looking forward to going back soon!!

Take care!!
Two Lights State Park

Lesser Yellowleg
Snapping turtle

Double-crested Cormorant

Turtles enjoying the sun.

Beautiful moon over the marsh.

Canada Goose

Mallard couple

Snowy Egret and Great Egret

Common Loon in Winter plummage

Beautiful Birch trees

Blue-winged Teal