Sunday, September 21, 2014


This past camping trip we were able to hear the Loons' haunting cry but never had a chance to see them. Here are some interesting facts about these beautiful birds.

The Common Loon here in Maine is a beautiful, large bird. 
Here are some facts:
1. There are five species of loon, but the one most common in New England is the common loon. 
2. Normally nesting along the shores of the many lakes and ponds of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, as well as the eastern Canadian provinces. 
3. When the chicks hatch (usually around July 4th in New England), they immediately make their way to the nearby water
4. The adults now take on the substantial challenge of feeding the babies and themselves - diving for 30 to 50 seconds at a time, catching fish, and feeding them directly to the chicks. 
5. Chicks stay very close to the parents for the first three weeks, and respond immediately to calls warning of birds (or airplanes) flying overhead by scrambling under an adult's wing. 
6. The chicks grow very rapidly and are nearly the size of the adults within four to six weeks. They also begin to demonstrate independence, seeking their own food, diving, and exercising their wing muscles. 
7. Loons are large birds, with wing spans approaching four feet, but they are also relatively heavy birds so the large wings are essential. They are extremely efficient diving birds, and their legs are set well back on the body, which aids in propulsion in the water but makes navigating on land nearly impossible. 
8.  Loons typically produce two eggs each year. Incubation takes about 28 days, and the parents share the nest duty equally.
To see Loons in the wild is the best way to appreciate their beauty, size and amazing parenting skils....

The photos and video were taken at Granger pond...

Take care!


Camping and celebrating!

Where did the Summer go? I hoped to post more but the days have just flown by. Now with my favorite seasons on the way I can post more.
This past weekend was spent with nature and relaxing. The plan was to not work, which is something I have a very difficult time doing. Especially now being self-employed!
So the weekend was filled with campfires, hiking, great food (some cooked on the campfire), different beers and an awesome Italian wine. The weather was chilly and perfect!
This was one of the best birthdays I have had...all Thanks to some awesome friends!!

Happy Autumn and take care!