Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snow storms & Treats!

Happy New Year!! Wow the Holiday season went by fast! I did relax a little. As usual, there is always so much to do, which is half the fun. This Winter has been one with extreme weather. Snow, ice, frigid cold...which is OK...that's why I live in the North. 
So in-between the storms I have been creating some homemade goodies for the birds and me. The birds get the suet and I get the apple butter. Both are very easy...
The suet is melted shortening, peanut butter (which I overdid), and lots of bird seeds. I used aluminum pans so I can freeze them and cut them into smaller pieces. I'm thinking the birds love it...especially when the temperature is below 0.
The apple butter is a lot of apples, some pears, a little water, sugar, and spices. Cut up, cook in the crock pot for at least 5 hours or until thoroughly cooked and then use a soup hand blender. I put mine in canning jars, but anything works.
It's nice to create simple treats that are healthy and the birds definitely deserve that!!
As soon as the weather warms up a bit, it's time for snowshoeing!

Take care!

Not sure...Squirrel or Snowshoe hare.

Might be the Turkey...

Snowshoe hare?

Morning light after the storm...

Beautiful sky...