Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Wonderland

It was a beautiful morning to clean up some fresh snow. The sky was a bright blue and the sun was finally appearing after a long Nor'easter storm. One of my favorite things is to be outside after a snow storm. The air is so fresh and the birds were very active enjoying my homemade suet. I'll need to make more soon!

It's also a perfect way to get ready for the Winter Solstice on Dec 21. The Yuletide season is here and having all this snow creates a beautiful view while celebrating.

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!!

A Pileated Woodpecker and a Gray Squirrel together in a White Pine.

Bird tracks next to the house, probably a Blue Jay.

A Snowshoe Hare ran through the yard.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

National Wolf Awareness Week October 12-18th, 2014

This is Wolf Awareness Week, October 12-18
This week is a great opportunity to learn more about this animal that is a vital part of the ecosystem. I had an opportunity to work with rescued Wolves and some Wolf-dogs. They are all a combination of wild spirit, instinct and love. I learned a lot from them and Thank these amazing animals for letting me share a part of their world.

Take care!!

Here are some Wolf facts:

Wolves play a key role in keeping ecosystems healthy. They help keep deer and elk populations in check, which can benefit many other plant and animal species. The carcasses of their prey also help to redistribute nutrients and provide food for other wildlife species, like grizzly bears and scavengers. Scientists are just beginning to fully understand the positive ripple effects that wolves have on ecosystems.


Wolves eat ungulates, or large hoofed mammals, like elk, deer, moose and caribou, as well as beaver, rabbits and other small prey. Wolves are also scavengers and often eat animals that have died due to other causes.


Wolves have unique howls, like fingerprints, that scientists (and other pack members) can use to tell them apart.
There are an estimated 7,000 to 11,200 gray wolves in Alaska, 3,700 in the Great Lakes region and 1,675 in the Northern Rockies.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer is here...

The official beginning of summer is on the 21st. I love this time of year to grow flowers, herbs and tomatoes. But my irish blood can never get used to the heat...
Tonight I watered all my plants on the deck, someday I will have a huge garden, but for now, this will do. I wanted to share the beautiful are some photos. It's a wonderful evening.
Take care and Happy Summer Solstice!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snow storms & Treats!

Happy New Year!! Wow the Holiday season went by fast! I did relax a little. As usual, there is always so much to do, which is half the fun. This Winter has been one with extreme weather. Snow, ice, frigid cold...which is OK...that's why I live in the North. 
So in-between the storms I have been creating some homemade goodies for the birds and me. The birds get the suet and I get the apple butter. Both are very easy...
The suet is melted shortening, peanut butter (which I overdid), and lots of bird seeds. I used aluminum pans so I can freeze them and cut them into smaller pieces. I'm thinking the birds love it...especially when the temperature is below 0.
The apple butter is a lot of apples, some pears, a little water, sugar, and spices. Cut up, cook in the crock pot for at least 5 hours or until thoroughly cooked and then use a soup hand blender. I put mine in canning jars, but anything works.
It's nice to create simple treats that are healthy and the birds definitely deserve that!!
As soon as the weather warms up a bit, it's time for snowshoeing!

Take care!

Not sure...Squirrel or Snowshoe hare.

Might be the Turkey...

Snowshoe hare?

Morning light after the storm...

Beautiful sky...