Saturday, June 29, 2013

Being A Wolf - Part 4

I recently finished a painting of a Wolf that, unknowningly, was a combination of Lomasi and Anoki. They are very dear to my heart and will always have a huge influence on me, especially when I paint. So I decided to continue my Wolf facts. Being able to spend time with such wonderful animals is why I want to share the world of the Wolf....few have had the experience and everyday I am Thankful. And even though I can't spend the time with them now - they are in my heart and the wild voice in my head.
A Wolf is a wild animal and we all know that...but when you gain the trust of a Wolf - you enter a new world. 
Wolves are always on the guard, it's part of survival. They live each day watching everything around them, for food, water and resting. The trust level within a pack is ongoing and only accept strangers if they pass the "Trust" test. This goes for humans as well. The Wolf in the wild will stay away from humans, we have no worth to them, except to provide livestock or eatable garbage. 
The domesticated Wolves I spent time with only knew of some humans as pack mates and other domesticated Wolves. But they still had the instinct of trust and survival. Feeding time was when the "Wolf" personality showed the most...very fast to accept the food and always on the guard. Being able to bring them food was the ability to instantly bond and gain their trust. After giving them their food, I would change their water and do poop clean-up. They were very comfortable having me in the pen with them while they ate - what a gift. After feeding it was social time...getting a belly rub or just taking a nap, which I sometimes took with them.

 Wolf Fact: A Wolves' diet of choice consists of deer, moose, caribou, elk, bison, musk-oxen and beaver. They have been know to survive on voles and mice if need be. 

Take care!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Warm Summer day...Full Moon....

Today was beautiful...warm but a nice breeze. It's also the 3rd full day of Summer. Hard to believe that a couple of months ago we were getting snow. Life in the north is never boring. We are expecting thunderstorms and I hear the thunder in the distance.
I picked the wild strawberries in the yard and found a Dove feather. A wonderful present from one of my favorite birds. I love their dramatic, mournful calls...always sounds so peaceful to me.
And I decided to cut my Lavendar flowers before they dry up...I love Lavendar - the flowers are so pretty and the fragrance is one of the best. The snail statues are something I just started collecting...I saved a snail in the driveway before I left for work a couple weeks ago and it was the first time I've seen a land snail in the yard - so cool!
The "Super" Full Moon was last night and tonight...I hope the thunderstorms pass in time so I can see the Moons' glow. There were too many clouds last night...
Happy Summer Solstice!!!

Fresh wild Strawberries and a Dove feather...wonderful gift.

Fresh cut lavendar...and my happy Snails

The sun and recent rain made all the flowers happy!

Abby enjoying her grass...

Daisies - my favorite...

Wild flowers at the edge of the woods.

Thunder clouds forming...

Beautiful Iris

Siberian Iris

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rocky Coast of Maine

I had another chance to take a trip to the Atlantic this past week. This time to Two Lights State Park, which is an old fort that still has some old structures remaining. 
It's one of my favorite getaways...It was a beautiful day with large waves and a curious sea gull.
Maine's coast is mostly ledge and the structure of the rocks is a masterpiece. There are beaches in Maine but I prefer the rocky coast, more fun to climb ;). 
I took some video of the waves crashing into the coast from my favorite rock.
Enjoy and take care!

Beautiful stairway to the coast

Curious gull

What to do...

A Crow was also interested.

Partial sun thru a Birch tree.

Great place for grilling and lunch!

Steep rocks

My favorite getaway spot...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Maine Coast

Got a chance to enjoy the Maine coast yesterday after the tropical storm. The waves were beautiful. I have always loved the ocean and take any opportunity to be there.
Here are some pics...
Take Care!!