Monday, May 27, 2013

Always in my heart...

I found some old pics of the Wolves that I cared for and miss dearly. Everyday I think of them and hope they are doing well...I feel them in my heart, even those that have passed onto the spirit world.

There were so many amazing moments with the Wolves. They taught me to look inside and see the true me and the truth around me. The Wolves do not have walls - they are themselves and either they accept you or not. To be accepted is to let down your walls and offer respect to the Wolves, they know people that are fake. Their key instinct to survival is to recognize when someone or something is not right or unsafe. Also to live the moment and keep it simple. Being a human is so complicated and always being pulled in too many directions. We are so distracted by technology, possessions, emotions, etc. They taught me to take a step back and look at what really, family, laughing and just being.

The Wolves are my family and I will never let that go - even if I can't be with them - they are forever in my heart.

Take care!

Quiet Spring Day....

Happy mid-Spring! We are finally in full bloom in Maine...even though there are younger trees that take longer to grow their leaves. But the week of rain has made everything so green and bright. It's really nice to have the windows open and let the fresh air in.
I took a walk around the backyard and admired all the nature that is loving this weather. Hopefully soon I can get a much needed hike in the's been too long. My walking stick is almost ready!
Next weekend the plan is to get vegetable plants and flowers...growing season is finally here.
Enjoy the day!


Purple Irises

Wild strawberry...Yum!

Hopefully a new home for some curious birds this morning!

Wild Violets...