Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crows at Dusk

Just have to share some photos I took while going for a walk at work last week. The sun was starting to set and there were 100's of Crows was awesome!!!
Supposed to be -10 tonight...brrrr!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crows & Snow

Hi everyone!
Sitting here on the weekend, with a cold, but still able to function and admire the birds having breakfast this morning. A new suet and they are so happy! 
Every day I walk in a cemetery that is adjacent to where I work, which is convenient and so peaceful. The wildlife also finds this place appealing as well. One day a Momma Fox and her kits were playing on a small hill as we walked kit was just showing it's ears as it was peeking at us. Of course I didn't have my camera.
One consistent visitor is the Crow. Everyday families of many generations gather for the evening, which happens during late Fall and throughout the Winter. They leave in the morning and return before dusk in large groups. It's breathtaking to watch...
It amazes me how the Crows are so bonded and social. We were returning from our walk and a Crow flew to a tree near the buildings' entrance and watched us walk by, then flew away. So cool!!
The snow tells us where the Crows walk to look for food, which is difficult to find when the ground is covered. It's warm today so some snow will melt and hopefully provide more ground for them to feed. I plan on putting out some old bread in my yard today, maybe I'll get a Crow to visit.
Have a great day!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pretty Yellow

It has been -10F at night here in Maine which is to be expected. At least the days have been sunny and almost reaching 20F. 
The birds have eaten so much in the past week. The poor squirrels have been digging in the snow looking for any seeds they can find. I'm so glad I bought huge bags of seeds!
I always find this time of year beautiful, especially after a snowfall. The sun and the sky are bright and the moon makes the night even brighter. I was told a tip...
To bring a little sunshine into your home during Winter - pick some Physithia branches, trim the ends and place them in warm water. Keep them in water for 3 weeks and the little yellow flowers will bloom.
Below are the branches I brought in. Also, they may start to root so you can plant them in the Spring.
Take care!!