Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's the last day of 2012...and what a year. It was a year of learning, difficult times, and adjusting. But there were many happy memories made as well. 

Throughout the year I always enjoy feeding and watching the birds. Especially in the Winter when the birds need the suet and seeds more to replace their natural food supply. Recently, my friend Robin made homemade suet and finally, today I was able to put it into pine cones. Very simple and a great supply of food. I usually buy suet, but making the pine cones is another way to connect to our little feathered friends. 

I put the pine cones with suet in the trees that surround the feeder. I hope they like it. I also put out some overdone toast and an apple. The Juncos, Sparrows and Doves that feed on the ground will get a treat as well. They usually get plenty that drops from the feeders but we have had more Doves than usual and I want them to stay around. It's amazing how birds work together...the ones that feed on the feeder drop seeds and provide the birds that feel safe on the ground to eat as well.

What a beautiful last day of the year with the sun shining and bright blue sky.
Hope everyone has a 
very Happy and prosperous New Year!!

 Sparrow looking for seeds

 Nuthatch peeking...

 Chloe watching from a distance.