Thursday, September 22, 2011

Food and Trust....

Hi all!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of the Summer. Hard to believe that Summer ends tomorrow and the leaves have started to change. Autumn is my favorite season. The changes that nature goes through to prepare for the Winter months amazes me. The Wolves go through many changes physically and mentally. Wolves prepare by growing a new Winter coat, eating enough food to gain weight, and mentally preparing the pack for a possible litter later in the season. Food to a Wolf is survival as any animal but they have a structure in the pack that allows the Alpha's to eat first and thus be strong enough to lead.
Feeding time at the sanctuary is structured so Tazlina eats first and then Lomasi and Anoki together at the same time. Tazlina is the Alpha in the pack and we treat her that way to keep order, even though the Wolves are in separate pens. The intensity of feeding time is amazing. Lomasi and Anoki were never fed properly before they came to the sanctuary, so being able to eat raw meat and high quality kibble is a huge event. This event occurs quickly - we open the gate quickly, the buckets go in and immediately both Wolves dive in to eat. I usually close the gate and wait for them to finish. Feeding Tazlina is less intense but still requires caution. I recently have had the opportunities to feed her and the first time I was a bit nervous and she definitely knew I was. I've recently have been able to go into Taz's pen and she is very comfortable with me, which is wonderful. You still have to be aware at all times - she's still a Wolf.

Take care!!

Wolf Fact: Wolf packs can approach up to 10-12 deer/caribou before they are successful. Wolves will only hunt the weak, young or old, thus helping the herd maintain a healthy balance.