Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thinking like a Wolf

Hi Everyone!
I can't believe it's August already...where is the year going? Reminds me that it's been over a year now that Lomasi and Anoki came to the sanctuary and it has been amazing having them as part of the pack. Every time I visit them it's always something new that I learn either about Wolf behavior or myself...
Today I wore another board member's raincoat because the one I brought would of ended up being shredded. So I went in the pen as usual to change their water and of course, being Wolves, they had to smell my "new" coat. Wolves are highly sensitive to smell and they never miss anything. As I was changing water buckets, Lomasi found a pocket and "Oh" a plastic bag! I immediately grabbed it as did Anoki...Here I am pulling on this thin plastic bag with two Wolves on the other end. As my "Wolf" instinct kicked in...I growled and pulled...and won the tug of war. My deep sounding voice also proved to be "Alpha" and they both gave up...Whew! The last thing I wanted was for them to eat that bag...So the motherly instinct also played a large part... Good thing!! Next time I will check the pockets if I wear someone else's coat ...Always have to think like a Wolf...
After this challenge all things went back to normal. Anoki found a huge root to remove and Lomasi wanted a lot of attention. Tazlina led us all in howling and even though it was a dreary day...there was a lot of bonding.
Take care!!

Wolf Fact: Wolves can live in packs of 2-20, depending on the size of the available prey: deer, caribou, moose, etc.