Sunday, July 24, 2011

A tour and a book...

Hi everyone!!
The weekend here in Maine was hot and humid one day and the other day - wonderful. We had a very, special guest today - Alan E. Sparks, author - Dreaming of Wolves. He came to the sanctuary along with his brother to meet the Wolves and discuss his book. The Wolves were happy to have visitors. Tazlina seemed a little upset at first but remained settled for the remainder of the tour. We learned that Wolves in Europe are really not much different than here in the US. The only major difference is the "humans" view of the Wolf. Alan and his brother learned a lot about the unfortunate backgrounds of Anoki, Lomasi and Tazlina. All too common stories of Wolves in captivity...but their journeys brought them to the sanctuary where they are safe, loved, and happy.
We finished the tour discussing Alan's book and the wonderful 50% contribution of his book sales to the sanctuary - we are so Thankful for his generosity. We also noticed that there are colored photos as well to give you an even closer view of Alan's adventure in Romania and the Wolves he knew. I am actually starting my signed copy tonight...can't wait!!

It always amazes me the wonderful people we meet that have the same love for these incredible animals...and are part of the pack.
Take care!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Magical Day

Hi Everyone,
What a great day!!! We were lucky today to have the rain hold off and the sun hide behind the clouds. It was still humid with plenty of bugs but we were able to still enjoy the afternoon.
I have had the honor of conducting many tours at the sanctuary. Every tour has given many an opportunity to meet the Wolves and interact with them. Many have said that they had a special feeling that they carried with them after the tour. Well, today's tour gave me that special feeling. The wonderful group of people we had from the Cancer Community Center brought a sense of calmness to the sanctuary. The Wolves were so happy to see all of them, even Tazlina came to the front of her pen, not bothered at all by our guests. The Wolves seemed to have an awareness that some have had difficult journeys. There was a silent bond between the Wolves and humans, a connection that combined strength and survival. The atmosphere during the tour was peaceful and at times humorous. There were plenty of Wolf kisses and we all learned from our new Wolf Fact cards.
After the tour we gave the Wolves ice cubes and they loved the cold treat. It was great way to complete the afternoon.
We hope to organize another tour later in the year when the bugs are fewer and the temperature is more mild. We look forward to seeing everyone again!!
Take care!!

Wolves and the Community

Good morning!!
It's feeling like another day close to 90F...In Maine, we get a few days that are unbearable, like yesterday, 95F and then we go back to comfortable temperatures. It's Summer...and it doesn't last long...
Today is a really exciting day at the sanctuary. We are having a tour with the Cancer Community Center, Portland, ME. The group is expecting to be near 22 people. - Wow!! The Center is also a non-profit group that provides support to many individuals and their families. It's a wonderful place filled with very kind and caring people.
When I organized this tour the thought was to connect the Wolves with a community that wants to heal. Wolves have the ability to connect you back to nature and surround you with simplicity. They help you forget the world and for that moment forget anything ailing you.
Hopefully, the thunderstorms will hold off until the tour is complete. I will post photos later today and "maybe" have some video.
Have a great day!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The next day...

Hi everyone!!
I wanted to post some photos from the day after Kathy and I stayed in the pen. It was a quiet morning filled with lots of coffee and discussion. The afternoon was a little busier with chores, a picnic lunch near the pens and a tour. The Wolves were happy to see other board members arrive.
I hope everyone got to see the videos. I apologize for my repetitive phrases - there was no script and of course I was nervous. The idea of creating a short video about being an "alpha" came to mind. I want to be sure that there is no thought that the Wolves are our pets. They may be highly social but they are still wild. Kathy and I have definitely gained the alpha status and this makes the interaction with the Wolves seem more domestic. We are always watching body language and sounds that the Wolves make. Being around a wild animal is to respect them and understand them.
Here are the photos. Lomasi, Anoki and Tazlina had a treat of crunchy grass and later they had watermelon - those pics I will post later.
Take care!!