Sunday, April 24, 2011

Snow, mud and more mud!

Hi Everyone!!
Hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe it's been a month since my last post...the days are never long enough.
I've made comments on the sanctuary's FaceBook page about "Mud Season" and there have been questions of what this means. Well, in Maine, we usually get a good amount of snow during the months of January until mid-April. This year we have had many storms dumping at least a foot or more. So when the weather starts to get warmer during the day - the snow melts, we get rain storms and then we have mud. Also, the ground below the frost level is still frozen, so the rain will not be able to soak into the ground. And this relates to what we dealt with at the sanctuary last weekend. Poor Lomasi and Anoki's pen was nothing more than large puddles, thick mud and small streams. Their feet were soaked and there was very few areas that were dry. The board members decided that we needed to move them into the drier pen, Spirit's pen. We couldn't risk their health or having them in terrible living conditions. The plan was made and they were moved with hardly any complications. Anoki was a bit resistant to having a collar on but eventually we were able to convince him.
This weekend, they are much drier and adapting to their temporary home. Tazlina is still confused and misses seeing her pack next to her but hopefully in another week or so they can be moved back. This Mud Season was definitely one of the worst.
Spring is here!! Enjoy!

Wolf Fact: Wolves enjoy being around water. They use the water to cool themselves, drink and have been known to catch fish.