Sunday, March 27, 2011

Speaking Wolf

Hi Everyone!
The weekend is almost done and it was a busy one. At least the sun was shining and it didn't snow. I'm ready for Spring and I think the Wolves are as well. Today we had a tour at the sanctuary and what a great group of people. Everyone was so interested in the Wolves and asking great questions. Some were even brought to tears after meeting them and hearing them howl. There is definitely a special feeling that can be overwhelming when being in their presence, happens to me everytime.
The Wolves are starting to get Spring fever and be more vocal and playful. Lomasi was very vocal with all kinds of grunts and whining. She was so happy to have visitors. We felt bad because of the frozen mud on her belly, but this didn't seem to bother her at all. There is still confusion on how Anoki is able to stay clean and not be covered in mud - he must be jumping over the puddles...
I've mentioned in previous posts that I always make sure not to drop my gloves or hats while in the pens. Well, since gravity and I couldn't get along today - I dropped my glove right in front of Anoki. Yeup - and he was very quick to pick it up but I was faster to grab it and not let go. Ever play tug-a-war with a Wolf?...not easy. I was lucky that he listens to the word "No" and gave up, but then he decided "Why not try again!". This is where "Wolf language" was necessary. Since my hand was now in the glove I made sure he knew he couldn't have this new toy. I growled at him everytime he made an attempt - eventually he realized that I was in charge - Whew! It's always wise to make sure the Wolves know who the Alpha is and sometimes talking their language is the best choice. He's still a pup at heart and Wolves love to find toys to occupy their time. Later in the day my hat came off and we competed again but he knew the outcome so gave up quickly. He is very smart and very quick. I'm Thankful that I can speak "Wolf" correctly!!
Hope everyone has a great week!!

Wolf Fact: Wolves communicate with a variety of vocializations including: yipping, grunting, whining, growling and of course, howling. All of these sounds have individual meanings to the Wolves and allows them to understand each other, even over long distances.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here...

Hi everyone!
Happy Spring! It's supposed to snow tomorrow but be in the 40's for the remainder of the week and that means "Mud Season". It also means that the Wolves will be a bit messy for a while...but that's OK. They were all in good spirit today, we even howled together to welcome the warmer weather. It always amazes me how they adapt to any kind of weather condition. Their fur and body structure are suited to handle snow, heavy rain, mud and the heat. Poor Lomasi had a muddy belly but her outer coat kept her dry. Anoki seemed a little cleaner until he rolled on his back for a belly rub and rubbed his face in sawdust. He definitely is the comedian of the pack. Tazlina's pen is still packed snow so she's not as muddy, yet.
In the next coming weeks we should see their coats start to lose the down-like fur that keeps them warm. Then we know that Spring is really here!
Have a great week!

Wolf Fact: Wolves change their coats in Spring and Autumn. The undercoat protects them from harsh weather and helps maintain a healthy body temperature.