Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Wolf and Human Spirit

Hi everyone!!
What a great weekend! The sanctuary had a large fundraiser and we did awesome. There were a lot of happy faces and a mutual feeling that we all accomplished something great - together. The Wolves at the sanctuary are so loved and we are so Thankful to all those who help support them. This weekend was a true example of how Wolves and humans are connected.
Everytime I go to the sanctuary, I feel complete again - like a piece of the puzzle is put back. Being with the Wolves allows anyone who visits to be themselves and be accepted. It's a very grounding experience.
Today I sat on the ground, very cold snow and straw, and it was amazing. Being on the same level and having Anoki sit on my lap made me feel like the world around us didn't exist. They lift up your spirit and make you live the moment. There is no tomorrow and yesterday doesn't matter...

I have mentioned before that Wolves have a very magical presence and they offer that to anyone that meets them. The sanctuary is a very healing place, for the Wolves and for the humans.
Have a great week!!

Wolf Fact:  The average lifespan of a Wolf in the wild is 5-6 years, in captivity, a Wolf can live until 14 years.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wolves and Trust

Hope the weather was pleasant for all of you this weekend. We finally had a break from the snow, which was nice. Today was an exceptional day at the sanctuary for many of us on the board. We had a wonderful board meeting, a lot was accomplished and there was of course an abundance of delicious food!
The day only got better when 4 of the board members, including myself, went into Tazlina's pen for the first time. Some might wonder why this is so unique...

Tazlina is a very special Wolf that has had her share of hardships and struggle. Her life is unfortunately, all too common when humans think Wolves can be pets. We stress at the sanctuary that even though we may get close to these Wolves, they are still unpredictable and wild. All the volunteers are trained and educated about Wolf ecology. Understanding a Wolf is more than getting's respecting their intellingence and trust.
Trust was displayed today by Tazlina by not only letting us into her pen but also allowing us to touch her. If a Wolf feels threatened, they usually run and hide.
The feeling today of being close to Taz without the pen in between us is something that is difficult to put into words. You feel humble knowing that you earned a Wolf's trust and that trust is a gift. I wanted to hug her and never let go...
Hope everyone has a great week!

Wolf Fact: Wolves are one of the view mammals that mate for life. The Alpha male and female are the only pair in the pack that will mate. When the pups are born, all members of the pack take turns to teach and take care of the pups.