Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Wolf videos...

Here are more videos of the Wolves having fun!! Enjoy!

Wolves Love to Play

Hi Everyone!
Hope you had a great weekend! The weather was nice...which was perfect to spend time with the Wolves. I feel so inferior because I have to wear 4 layers of clothes and the Wolves just run around completely unbothered.
Today's visit was filled with a lot of fun and happiness. Everytime I visit the sanctuary it helps me forget the world and makes me feel whole again. I can't explain the feeling of seeing the Wolves beimg so happy that you are there to see them. They aren't looking for a treat...just happy that you will be with them and give them attention. Simple and pure.
Lomasi, Anoki and Tazlina know when the people they love arrive at the sanctuary and never tire to give kisses and receive hugs. And of course belly rubs, which Anoki's favorite.
Today's visit was filled with a lot of kisses and plenty of play. Lomasi and Anoki never had an opportunity to run and chase each other before they came to the sanctuary and this is a very important part of a Wolf's behavior. Wolves need to have play time just as much as a nap. They thrive on interaction with the other Wolves because they are social. And it's not just chasing each other in play but also having toys. Both Lomasi and Anoki love to play with branches and anything else they can find. I definitely make sure not to drop my gloves!!
Wolves teach us to take time for each other and have fun!
Have a great week!!

Wolf fact: Wolves sense of smell is 100 times more sensitve than humans.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Devoted to the Wolves

Hi Everyone,
Hope your weekends were good! I know the weekends for me are never long enough...but that's OK.
Today we had our monthly sanctuary board meeting and it was over 4 hours. The room was filled with a lot of devoted and caring people. We discussed many future fundraisers for this Winter and the Spring. It's so exciting to work with others that have the same goals - Take care of the Wolves, keep them healthy, happy and of course spoiled! All the money we raise goes towards food, vet bills and any other needs to run the sanctuary.
I did get a chance to visit the Wolves and walk in the new snow with them. They are all so happy!
Hope everyone has a great week!

Wolf Fact: Wolves walk on their toes, their heels never touch the ground. Their wide, large paws provide support and stability as they run through the snow.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and beginning of the new year. Today was a beautiful day. The weather was mild and perfect for the tour we had with the Wolves. Our tour included a wonderful group of people that were so happy to meet the Wolves and learn about them. There are so many interesting facts about these incredible animals, you can learn something new all the time. In fact, today at the end of the tour, Brenda got her flute and played a song that the Wolves actually created. I went into Lomasi and Anoki's pen to help get the howling started. After a few minutes, Taz jumped on her house and started to sing. With a little hesitation, Anoki started to sing and this time he was really howling, not yapping. I noticed as Brenda moved further from Taz's pen, Taz started to come to the front of her pen and included some barking with her howling, which is unusual. Wolves howl for different reasons: ward off other packs, communicate to other members in their pack and territorial reasons, which is what Taz displayed. She knew that the people from the tour were still around, even out of sight and she wanted them to know that this is her territory. It was a wonderful moment...another lesson from the Wolf.
Have a great week!!!