Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The True Meaning...

Hi everyone!
Hope all is well and you are all enjoying the Holiday season. I love this time of year - the decorations, the holiday specials (I've watched The Christmas Carol at least 5 times), the food and spending time with family. It's also a time that makes you reflect on the year and what the following 12 months will bring. 
This past year the sanctuary has been busy with fundraisers, tours and meeting some wonderful people. The Wolves, Tazlina, Lomasi and Anoki, have been through some minor changes due to flooding in the pens but are adjusting and back to their normal "Wolf" behavior. Their coats are so full now and it's a hint that we are in for a very cold Winter.
The Wolves teach us many things...One thing is the True Meaning of family...
When the Wolves had to be separated due to flooding it was obvious that they were upset that they couldn't see each other. Their moods changed and repairing the pen was on top of our priority list. Once the pen was complete and Lomasi and Anoki were moved back in - they all had smiles! The family/pack was back together...
When I saw them this past weekend...their moods were normal and preparing for Winter as Wolves do. It was proof that being apart was difficult for them. They need to interact and communicate all the time...Howling, running and playing, even watching each other catch mice.
I'm blessed to have a loving family that lives nearby and a Wolf family that I can spend time with...two-legged and four-legged. Watching and learning from the Wolves helps me to stay focused on the True Meaning all year long...

Have a Wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year!!

Wolf Facts: Each Wolf has their own unique howl, just like humans have unique voices. Wolves can recognize each other by their howls and communicate over long distances.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Snow and Rememberance...

Hi All!
Hope everyone affected by the October snow storm is doing well. It was a bit odd to have snow on the ground, at least 10”, and still have the leaves falling. The Wolves seemed to enjoy the snow.
Today is also a day of rememberance of a very special Wolf, Timber. It’s very hard to believe that it’s been a year since we said Goodbye. Timber still has a hold on all of our hearts and we miss him everyday. Tazlina and I howled for him this afternoon and she kept looking at the house as if she could see him. His presence is still very much at the sanctuary as is all of the other Wolves that have passed.
Remembering Timber is also a way for us to be grateful for Tazlina, Lomasi and Anoki. Our mission at the sanctuary continues, sometimes it’s difficult, but it is also very rewarding to be in the presence of animals that carry so much strength, courage and love.
They teach us so much and we do all we can to Thank them…everyday.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


The months are passing so quickly...the days are getting shorter and the colors of the leaves are amazing. This time of year is always my favorite. The world around us is changing to prepare for at least 5 months of snow and cold. The Wolves have begun their transition and it shows. 
Wolves prepare for the long Winter months by eating more fat thus gaining more body weight and growing a very thick Winter coat. Even the fur around their paws grows longer to protect their pads. It's an amazing transformation.
Wolves also begin to think about producing pups, which they will only do if the food supply is abundant. Wolves will not have pups if they find herds or other food sources scarce. Another way that the Wolf cares for it's pack and family.
We have a lot to do at the sanctuary to prepare for the coming Winter months...let's hope we have a mild Winter!
Take care!!

Wolf Fact: Wolf litter sizes can range from 1-9 pups. The average is 4-6.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Food and Trust....

Hi all!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of the Summer. Hard to believe that Summer ends tomorrow and the leaves have started to change. Autumn is my favorite season. The changes that nature goes through to prepare for the Winter months amazes me. The Wolves go through many changes physically and mentally. Wolves prepare by growing a new Winter coat, eating enough food to gain weight, and mentally preparing the pack for a possible litter later in the season. Food to a Wolf is survival as any animal but they have a structure in the pack that allows the Alpha's to eat first and thus be strong enough to lead.
Feeding time at the sanctuary is structured so Tazlina eats first and then Lomasi and Anoki together at the same time. Tazlina is the Alpha in the pack and we treat her that way to keep order, even though the Wolves are in separate pens. The intensity of feeding time is amazing. Lomasi and Anoki were never fed properly before they came to the sanctuary, so being able to eat raw meat and high quality kibble is a huge event. This event occurs quickly - we open the gate quickly, the buckets go in and immediately both Wolves dive in to eat. I usually close the gate and wait for them to finish. Feeding Tazlina is less intense but still requires caution. I recently have had the opportunities to feed her and the first time I was a bit nervous and she definitely knew I was. I've recently have been able to go into Taz's pen and she is very comfortable with me, which is wonderful. You still have to be aware at all times - she's still a Wolf.

Take care!!

Wolf Fact: Wolf packs can approach up to 10-12 deer/caribou before they are successful. Wolves will only hunt the weak, young or old, thus helping the herd maintain a healthy balance.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thinking like a Wolf

Hi Everyone!
I can't believe it's August already...where is the year going? Reminds me that it's been over a year now that Lomasi and Anoki came to the sanctuary and it has been amazing having them as part of the pack. Every time I visit them it's always something new that I learn either about Wolf behavior or myself...
Today I wore another board member's raincoat because the one I brought would of ended up being shredded. So I went in the pen as usual to change their water and of course, being Wolves, they had to smell my "new" coat. Wolves are highly sensitive to smell and they never miss anything. As I was changing water buckets, Lomasi found a pocket and "Oh" a plastic bag! I immediately grabbed it as did Anoki...Here I am pulling on this thin plastic bag with two Wolves on the other end. As my "Wolf" instinct kicked in...I growled and pulled...and won the tug of war. My deep sounding voice also proved to be "Alpha" and they both gave up...Whew! The last thing I wanted was for them to eat that bag...So the motherly instinct also played a large part... Good thing!! Next time I will check the pockets if I wear someone else's coat ...Always have to think like a Wolf...
After this challenge all things went back to normal. Anoki found a huge root to remove and Lomasi wanted a lot of attention. Tazlina led us all in howling and even though it was a dreary day...there was a lot of bonding.
Take care!!

Wolf Fact: Wolves can live in packs of 2-20, depending on the size of the available prey: deer, caribou, moose, etc.