Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Winter...

Hi everyone,
Hope your weekends were great. We had some small snow squalls yesterday that left us with a coating of snow. It was like having small snowstorms...which I didn't care - I had a glass of wine and was all cozy. But it was a reminder that Winter has begun.

I went to see the Wolves today and get my fill of kisses. The ground wasn't completely covered but it was still pretty. The Wolves did not seem to mind at all. Tazlina's coat is so full and smells like the outdoors...I wanted to bury my face in her fur...I'm sure she wouldn't mind, for a few minutes. Spirit was happy and cozy in her little house. I'm thinking that at her age the wind can bother her but the thickness of her fur proves that she is ready for the cold. She's a tough girl!

Lomasi and Anoki are in their glory with this cold weather. They were so happy to have me visit them...and I was just as happy! When I first walk into the pen, Anoki jumps up and almost knocks me over...which is why I just keep walking and putting my arms up to keep them off. Wolves can only express themselves by body language or verbal noises, which is why they jump and try to get your attention. After I have ignored their attempts, they both go back to the front of the pen until they see me turnaround and then they come back more submissive and calm, usually Anoki is first. This is how an Alpha Wolf acts with the pack. It's also a lot safer for me to respond to their attention after they are calm. I've gotten hit in the jaw, lip and on the back, but none of these were intentional or meant to hurt me. The best part after they calm down is to feel their fur and look into their beautiful eyes. Both have the clean smell of the outdoors and their fur is so thick and warm. My hands were cold even with gloves but after petting them - I was toasty!! Anoki did his usual flopping to the ground on his back for his belly to be rubbed. Total submission...Lomasi waits until Anoki has had his fill and then she comes over to me with her head lowered and tail wagging, she's so pretty. It was a great day of bonding, howling and adapting to the cold weather.

So as another Winter begins and the snow starts to pile on the ground, I know that the Wolves are ready. To them this is just the cycle of life, the rotation of the seasons.

Hope all of you have a great week!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Timber - More than a Wolf

Hi Everyone!
Hope you are all having a good week. It's been over a month since I have posted and I apologize. We had a few weeks in October that were very traumatic and so much going on before that. But the healing process for all of us at the sanctuary is a slow process and will take time. And finally, I feel that I am ready to share...

If you have seen the sanctuary's web site you know that we lost a very precious animal that held so many hearts. His name was Timber...

I want to celebrate his life in this posting and try to explain the many reasons why everyone loved him. I have introduced Timber before in another posting but I want to take you a step further into his life looking through his eyes.

Timber's life started out more as a domestic dog that lived inside rather than running free as a Wolf. There were several times before he came to the sanctuary that he escaped to taste freedom. He was a large, over 100lb, Wolf that wanted nothing more but to be loved, and he found just that at the sanctuary. Being at the sanctuary allowed him to be around other Wolves or hybrids, which meant he was now part of a pack. He could speak their language and belong.
But Timber was not an ordinary Wolf...

The sanctaury tried introducing Timber to living in one of the pens outside so he could be in the wilderness and enjoy the pack's company. Timber had different ideas...He attempted to escape the pen as well, which is dangerous. It was decided that he would live in the house with the sanctuary's owner. He was used to being indoors and probably felt more secure, which is very unusual.

Life for Timber was casual and full of people that thought the world of him. Everytime someone came to the sanctuary there was Timber's ears and eyes checking out who was visiting. I guess you could say that he had a very large social calendar. He greeted you at the door with the sweetest look of gratitude that you came to see him and if you were lucky, you got a kiss from him. He was very selective who received kisses. He also acted like a Wolf by greeting you and then going back to what he was doing before - unless he needed to go out. Timber loved to go out, on a strong leash, he would sniff the ground, visit the other Wolves and definitely have to lay in the grass soaking up the sun. Many belly rubs were given while he felt the warm ground beneath him. When he wasn't outside you could find him in one of his favorite spots in the living room, which was either his bed or the couch. The couch was the ultimate place if he was allowed, many times asking with his eyes if he could stay there...How do you say no?

Timber was a gentle soul that gave love and acceptance to those he felt comfortable with. He had the ability to sense those that where true and real. Like most Wolves, he could read a person's body language and would be cautious, even if they had a treat. We always knew to trust his instinct and learn. He taught all of us many things, many things that we forget with our busy lives.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him and his soft, warm amber eyes. His eyes spoke more words to us than most people can say. He always let you know what he was thinking and never hesitated if he wanted your attention. His eyes always lite up whenever I brought a toy for him. The toy wasn't out of the bag and he knew it was his. Of course, you have to understand that he was still a Wolf and his instinct was to tear apart the toy. The pride on his face was priceless after he pulled out all the stuffing.

There were so many things that Timber offered to those that loved him. He loved life and enjoyed it with ease. He was happiest lounging on the floor surrounded by all of his human pack members and ignoring his buddy Scout.  

Timber was a Wolf. A Wolf that carried wisdom, honesty, and love. But he was more than a Wolf by living in the house, being close to those that meant a lot to him and watching over them.

Timber's spirit will always be at the sanctuary. Everytime the pack howls, we know that Timber is howling with us. He will continue to watch over us, his family, his pack.

We love you Timber...