Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Wolf's Soul

Hi all!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! The whole weekend was perfect Autumn weather - I actually wore a coat today! I had a wonderful visit today at the sanctuary. We had a tour, a visit from a special friend and lots of Wolf time. There's always something to do on any visit - today Lomasi and Anoki's pen was very muddy near the entrance so we took hay to help soak up some of the mud.
During the tour and enjoying all the company, I took a lot of notice at all of the Wolves eyes and their expressions. Maybe it was because of our friend trying to get photos of their eyes for her to use for reference in her paintings. But I have been paying close attention to them for a while.
A Wolf is a very social animal and loves to be next to their pack, 4-legged or 2-legged (Lucky us!). When I'm near any of them and look into their eyes, I feel that they are letting me into their soul and into their world. A world that is pure and honest. A world that you can be yourself and not have any defenses. A world that you are accepted as who you are - simple and real. Lomasi and I sat together for a little while and her eyes carry a kind, peaceful message. While, the eyes of Anoki and Tazlina show a more wild spirit and it's very intense. I've said before that it took me a long time to look into Tazlina's eyes because I didn't feel worthy.
A Wolf has to trust you to let you see their soul, let you be a part of their world but you also have to give that trust back to be accepted. It's a very grounding experience that makes you aware of your own soul and who you are. 
Have a great week everyone!