Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wolf Therapy

Hope everyone is having a good week. This is my "Birthday" week, so I took yesterday and today as vacation days to relax. Of course, I still did many things, but it was at a slower pace. This also gave me the opportunity to go to the sanctuary both days and soak in as much Wolf time as I could.
My life is not as hectic and stressed as others but there are days that just never seem to end or at least feel that way. I'm very grateful for everything I have and try to have a positive outlook, even with the world as crazy as it is. A lot of my positive energy is definitely from the Wolves and being in their precense. I spent a good amount of time with Lomasi and Anoki, Spirit and Taz. Being around all of them is something one has to experience to fully appreciate their gifts. My Mom came with me yesterday and she now understands why I have a hard time leaving them at the end of my visit. She felt more at ease and relaxed after our visit. The feeling of being accepted by a Wolf is uncomparable to anything else. They help you feel more grounded and realize what really matters...

Everytime I visit Lomasi and Anoki, they look and act more like the Wolves they should be. While I was giving Lomasi a belly rub, Anoki thought he would come and interrupt. Well, Lomasi made it very clear by bearing her teeth that she was not letting him. It was a little intimidating for me but also a clear reminder that even though they are at the sanctuary, this is their territory. The constant growling, showing their teeth, holding each other's mouth, is the way they communicate to each other who is in charge. Usually I walk away until they make a decision. Just being around them while all this is taking place helps me forget about any problems or worries. It's an honor to me that they are comfortable enough in my precense to argue over who gets the hug or belly rub. How lucky am I!!?

So it's back to the real world tomorrow...but it's OK...I'll have more Wolf therapy this weekend!! And maybe even a nap with them...

 Take care!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lomasi and Anoki

Hi Everyone!!
It's hard to believe that it's September 1st and 90 degrees...I'm ready for Autumn!! It's also unbelievable that it's been over a month since we rescued the newest pack members. They are both doing so well. Their fur is really filling in and they are starting to have the scruffs around their necks. We can't wait to see their Winter coats.
And...we finally decided on names. Even though "Newbies" is cute, we felt they needed Native American names. So we looked up some names, made a list of our favorites and voted. I think the choices are perfect. Unknowingly, another board member and I were looking at the same web site and chose both these names...and they got the votes.
Her name: Lomasi (Lo-Ma-See) - means Pretty Flower (She is very much a lady)
His name: Anoki (A-No-Ky) - means Actor ( He is a goofball)
I'm hoping to spend more time with them this month. My birthday present to me, later this month, is to spend the whole day with all of them. Maybe even join them for a nap...
Hope everyone is having a great week! Take care!
Here are more pics from the rescue day...