Friday, July 30, 2010

Finally Friday....

Hope everyone had a great week...I'm glad it's Friday and looking forward to the weekend. My older kitty seems to be doing better. She wants to play and at 15, that's a good sign. It's so difficult to give her the 2 types of antibiotics she's on...What a nose..I can't fool her at all! I even tried far tuna juice is the only trick that works. I'll be eating tuna for a while!!! Hopefully, the next ultrasound will bring good news....

The weather this week was hot, but nice...The evenings are starting to get cool and that's great for sleeping!
I will be visiting the sanctuary on Sunday and sharing more pictures...I miss them so much during the week. It's been easier to handle my kitty being sick by sharing time with the Wolves. Spending time with them gave me strength and a more positive outlook. They definitely ground you, it's a feeling that one has to be part of to appreciate the power they possess. I can never find the words that exactly express what the Wolves offer and to be a recipient. Being accepted by them is a gift that never loses it's priceless value.
So here are a few more pics...
I'm going to go open a great bottle of Australian Shiraz and watch Alice in Wonderland....perfect end to the week!
Take care!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hi all!
Hope the weekend went well...The weather was nice. I'm exhausted. My older kitty, has been ill and I'm very worried about her. She seems to be getting better but the vet visit is still necessary. I took a short break to go over to the sanctuary while she was sleeping, which I'm glad I did. When you're emotional about anything - it's always good to find something that will help you and of course being surrounded by Wolves is that something.
I didn't plan on staying too long, so we got the straw cleaned out of Spirit's house and the newest pack members. The rain from the night before was strong and came down in buckets. Then after we cleaned, it was picture time. The "newbies" quiet down a little better after you go in their pen so it's easier to take pictures. They are starting to look more at home, digging holes to stay cool, moving the houses (possibly for a better view) and even howling. They love attention and are so responsive. Being in the pen with them is a feeling I can't describe. The male sat on my foot and even rolled on his back. I can imagine that they have never had this experience before and are enjoying every minute, as were we. It was nice to smile today and look at all the happy, fuzzy faces! Sometimes the simplest things make life a little easier.
Have a great week!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rescue Day!

Hi everyone!
Hope you had a great weekend! Well, today turned into a rescue day for 2 Wolves, male and female, that were surrendered to the sanctuary. We had planned that this would happen soon and it did! When we visited them today, they were so excited like they knew what the plan was. Even at the sanctuary, Spirit seemed to be aware that a huge change was coming. We moved her into the smaller pen, which has a great view and plenty of shade. She settled right in and had a yummy bone treat. Tazlina was a little upset that she couldn't see Spirit as well but she calmed down.
The transportation of the 2 "newby's" went so well. The male rode in the front and the female was crated in the back of the truck. I stayed in back with the female to keep her calm. They both were real troopers!!
Once they were let out into their new home, they walked side-by-side smelling everything. It was awesome...They whined and kept coming to each board member to say Thank you! There wasn't a dry eye during this whole experience. Just knowing how safe and happy they will be was a wonderful feeling. Their reaction to the new surroundings they were getting to know made the whole day complete.
Spirit and Tazlina accepted them immediately and Tazlina even howled!
It was a great day! We're all tired but relieved that it went so well! I'll be posting updates and more pics!
Have a great night!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spirit and Denali

If you believe in soul mates like I do...or that there is one person that completes you then you'll understand the connection between Spirit and Denali. I was going to make this posting to introduce Spirit but it didn't feel right just telling her story without including her soul mate, Denali. As I have mentioned in an earlier posting that Denali has moved on but remains a very strong presence in the sanctuary.
Spirit and Denali came to the sanctuary together and brought another level of understanding about the bond and social needs of the Wolf. Being around them was a gift for many reasons. Their living area was filled with acceptance toward the two-legged pack members, if you had a bad week, it wouldn't matter after your visit. They always greeted any visitor together with kisses and of course there was the usual pushing, howling, "me first" attitude and Spirit was always the one to make Denali move. 

Denali was a kind, loving soul that brought a sense of peace. His personality was one of a kind that would embrace your heart and never let go. He didn't care about being the boss, he just wanted his ear scratched and give kisses.
Spirit fits her name perfectly. Even now that she is 14 years of age, you'd never know it. She greets you with kisses and looking to see if you have a cookie for her. And you better deliver or she will howl and have her front paws leave the ground to display her demand. But it's all presented with the overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude. I'm currently reading a book about the Lakota's and it mentions that they give Thanks for everything, nothing is too small to show their appreciation - Wolves are the same way. 
Life has thrown some curves to Spirit and Denali, but they were fortunate to have their path come to the sanctuary. Their relationship and personalities have given so much to others and they are truly "Thanked".
Take care!! 
These great photos were taken by Grady Weed.