Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love and Loss

Hi all,
I hope all of you had a good weekend...This past week was filled with many emotions, mostly of sadness. It is said that with Love there is loss and that is the cycle of life, it always seems unfair no matter what the situation. This posting is a dedication to the sweet souls that have passed on to a place that they can always be wild.
Every animal that we have in our lives creates a special and unique bond that can never be broken. Our most current loss, Mariah, is a soul that has touched many. She became very sick this past week and it was time for her to pass on to a place that she could always be free. Her spirit is still very strong at the sanctuary, as are all the other ones that have crossed over. I felt the emptiness today while visiting but I also felt a freedom that I know must of come from Mariah. While bonding with Taz, I asked her if she would like to sing to Mariah. I started to howl and she followed immediately, as if we were singing a melody of love and sorrow. I started to cry and Taz continued while having her front paws on a cement block reaching up as high as she could to let Mariah know we miss her and will always remember her.
To love an animal is more than physical, it's an understanding of what they teach us and how they touch our lives. Kani was an old, sweet soul that was happy just to be around others. Sachem brought a bit of playfulness and rowdiness that could only be explained as that he was a "brat". But a beautiful, handsome brat he was. Then there is the sweet, kindred soul of Denali, Spirit's soul mate. He was a Wolf that carried so much kindness and love that you would forget he was a wild animal. Then there is Little Feather, a sweet, fluffy soul that Brenda, the owner of the sanctuary rescued. He had the heart and bravery of a warrior, and was Timber's best buddy. 
There is never a time that all of us at the sanctuary do not mention or think about all of the souls that have passed on. 
We always have to remind ourselves that going through a loss is painful, difficult and at times unbearable, but it's part of who we are and what we do. If animals in our lives lived as long as we did, the appreciation for them and the way they teach us wouldn't hold the same meaning. Plus, we wouldn't have the opportunity to have numerous animals join us on our short journey on mother Earth. Of course, I write all of this with tears running down my cheeks.....
Having animals in one's life is a gift, even after they have passed on.....I know I wouldn't have it any other way.
Take care everyone! I still plan on sharing the Alaska trip that a friend of the sanctuary has been on...

Friday, June 11, 2010


 Happy Friday!
It's been a long, but good week. This evening's plan is to introduce one of the Wolves at the sanctuary and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Seems like a good ending to the we go....

Where do I begin about Tazlina aka "Taz". Her journey to the sanctuary was unfortunately the typical story about people not understanding what it takes to own a wild animal. Some think it's "Cool" to own a Wolf, but actually you can never really "own" a wild animal of any kind. But that's another story...

Tazlina made it to her new home at the sanctuary very ill. She was taken care of by the owner of the sanctuary and brought back to full health. Lots of love and understanding about the requirements that Taz needed allowed her to become the beautiful Wolf she is today. She is a wonderful and powerful animal that we at the sanctuary have the utmost love and respect for.

Her trust in people depends on the individual and if she senses that the person is willing to open their heart to her. Here is a soul that I can't even begin to describe, words do not fully provide all the power and wildness that she holds. To see her is the only way someone can understand. It took me a while to be able to even look into her eyes and feel that I was worthy enough to be accepted into her soul. It's like something I have never experienced. Not to mention that she trusts us at the sanctuary to scratch her ears, give her kisses and also receive kisses. I'm writing this with tears...that's how much she offers to those who are lucky enough to be in her presence.

Every time I visit, she comes over lowered to the ground and presses against the pen letting you know that she missed you and that it's time to bond. Some would say that this the way a dog would act which is true, to a point. The difference is that when she's had enough - she's had enough. You can't control the decision making in a wolf, a dog you can, well most you can except for a Husky(I'll write more about Huskies later - my fav).

Here at the sanctuary, we are truly blessed to have Taz with us. She has taught us many things and has created a world that allows us to better understand the Wolf and also that we have a lot more to learn.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rainy weekend

The rainy weather this weekend wasn't even suitable for a duck...Especially the tornado warnings. Scary! I got a chance in between storms to visit the sanctuary and see the wolves. They were troopers and didn't seem to mind the messy weather. Spirit was happy to see me and carefully walked in between puddles to come visit. Taz was reluctant to leave her house but eventually came over to give kisses and get an ear scratch. She did look really cozy and if I could, I would of brought a blanket and curled up with her. What a treat that would be...
It's amazing to see how prepared a Wolf's coat is for any weather condition. The rain just ran off their coats and kept them from being soaked, like me. 
So my plan, starting this week, is to introduce these wonderful animals and share a little about them.
And I have some wonderful photos of Alaska that a friend of ours is taking on her trip...
Take care!!