Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

At this time of war, which is so easily forgotten, I want to Thank all of those that have sacrificed themselves to keep our country safe. These men and women allow us to live in Freedom and we cannot Thank them enough.
My Dad is a vet and to this day suffers from combat, he is but one of many that have gone above and beyond to keep us safe.
I hope that this country will continue to take care of those that protect us and appreciate the courage each of them have.
Being an American is more than just being Free but recognizing the sacrifices that make it possible.
Thank you!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What really matters...

This week we had our sanctuary's monthly board meeting, which is always a great time. I'm so honored and thankful to be a part of a group that cares for the wolves and for each other, we're definitely a strong pack. Other things happened during the week as normal, but the biggest thing was not having the internet. It wasn't that I was really upset that I didn't have the availability to it, but that I was depending on it for certain things, some out of my control. It also made me realize where my focus was and that made me think. I watched one of my cats who is a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat aka; Viking Kitty, play with a strip of cardboard. She took the moment with simple gratitude, and enjoyed herself. It's the same when I visit the wolves, no hesitation, just simple affection and living the moment, which makes it very difficult when I have to leave them. If only we as humans could be more like these wonderful animals. Simple things mean a lot, appreciate those you love while you are with them, look at them like you will never see them again, hug them and be thankful. The internet can wait or better yet, not work...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild Instinct


It was reminded to me this past weekend that the wolves at the sanctuary are in fact, still wild animals. I, of course, know this and have been reminded of the split second that it takes for a wild animal to react on instinct. This fact can be put to the back of your mind though when you spend so much time with them and have built a trusting relationship. There has to be a great level of respect and be aware of the body language, because anything can trigger instinct. This is not necessarily anything you might do but the surrounding elements, a chipmunk, stray dog...

Wolves are not pets nor should they ever be. The power of a Wolf can be underestimated by their beauty and need for socialization. You only have to look into their eyes, if you can, to understand the power. The Wolves at the sanctuary were in situations comparable to being treated as domestic animals and their instinct could not be broken. It's sad that they had to be put into situations that a wild animal shouldn't experience. It helps remembering that they are safe now and living their lives surrounded by love.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cleaning Day

Today was perfect in every way...The weather was unbelievable, sunny with enough breeze to keep the bugs away and the whole pack was together to clean the grounds up from the Winter. We are so Thankful for all the volunteers that came to the sanctuary to help. We were able to get the pens cleaned, flowers planted, brush cleared and take down an old pen. It was a busy day with hard work and laughter. Tomorrow will be filled with some aches and pain but it's so worth it!
Take care!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wolves at the Sanctuary

What a great day! Not only was I able to enjoy the sun and get all the goods for tomorrow...but I took the time to start this blog and start sharing all the wonderful things that the wolves at the sanctuary offer. The "goods" for tomorrow are all the things I needed to help clean the grounds at the sanctuary.
During the next couple of weeks, I will be writing about each wolf and the special gifts they offer.
I'll also include photos of the wolves....
Have a howling day!

That's Timber and I...isn't he handsome!!